Busan, as a port city, has plenty of things to see and do at any time of the year โ€“ it’s a city for all seasons.

Busan’s iconic Haeundae Beach is where the action is for vacationing tourists from all over the country.

Gwangalli Beach welcomes speedboaters and banana boat riders โ€“ better hang on tight!

It’s close to central Busan and famous for the fine sand and diving board on the beach.

Dadaepo Beach’s spacious white sand and warm, shallow water make it a great place to hang out with children.

The walking trail offers fantastic views of Gwangan Bridge, Haeundae, and Oryukdo Island in the distance.

Taejongdae Resort Park is located in the southernmost part of Yeongdo-gu, and it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in Busan.

Gamcheon has long been home to refugees who took shelter in Busan during the Korean War, and Gamcheon Culture Village showcases the area’s impressive history.

The family-friendly Busan Museum of Movies offers visitors a look at magical moments of famous movies and how they were made.

Samnak Ecological Park is nestled on Dunchi Island, bounded by the West Nakdong River in Sasang-gu.

Bosu-dong Book Street is a second-hand bookstore alley adjoining Gukje Market. 

It is the country’s second city with beautiful beaches, mountains. Busan has become a key tourist destination.

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