Osaka is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Japan, with good reason. Many foreign tourists tend to hail Osaka as one of their favorite cities.

Osaka Tourist Spot:

It is said that Shitennoji is the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan.

Tsutenkaku Tower serves as a symbol of Shinsekai, one of Osaka’s busiest downtown areas.

An area that’s popular for its many western-style buildings that were built between the Meiji and early Showa periods. 

The north and south sides of the observatory have glass walls, offering uninterrupted views of Osaka.

Osaka Castle is the city’s most iconic landmark.

Worships Sugawara Michizane, the deity of learning.

Abeno Harukas is a modern skyscraper spanning 300 metres in height. 

Fun place for families, especially for the little ones.Β 

Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shotengai is a shopping street that has many shops selling cooking utensils and kitchen supplies used by professionals. 

As well as the central business hub in western Japan, Osaka has been at the heart of Japan’s cultural and economical development for hundreds of years.

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