The Wadden Sea itself is shallow water with mud deposits deposited by tides andΒ wetlandsΒ .

The geographical condition of the Wadden Sea is greatly influenced byΒ the embankmentsΒ built by humans.Β 

The Wadden Sea in the Netherlands and Germany was listed as aΒ UNESCOΒ World Heritage SiteΒ . The Wadden Sea in Denmark also became a World Heritage Site

Wadden Sea, stretching fromΒ the NetherlandsΒ toΒ GermanyΒ toΒ DenmarkΒ . This area includes all the Wadden SeaΒ ecosystemsΒ .

MaintainingΒ the hydrologicalΒ andΒ ecologicalΒ processes of the adjacent tidal systems of the Wadden Sea is an overall requirement for the protection and integrity of this marine treasure.

The quality of water and sediments in the Wadden Sea is mainly determined by external sources through which pollutants enter the sea.

Visitors can explore the pristine beaches, salt marshes, and tidal flats while taking in the breathtaking views of the North Sea.

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